My name is Manish Prasad, and I am the owner of Wild West Gun Gear. My goal is to offer high quality gun parts, optics and ammunition to the shooting and hunting community, at a fair price, backed-up by great customer service.

I grew up in the Fiji Islands, where my grandfather told me about having his firearms confiscated by the government. After moving to the United States as a young boy, my family settled in Southern California. As I grew older, and started buying my own firearms, I had the unfortunate opportunity to experience first-hand, a State and Local government that is systematically disarming its citizens by passing more-and-more stringent laws.

Like any freedom loving U.S. citizen, I realized that it was time to move my family to a State that recognized the Second Amendment, and valued the rights bestowed within. I also decided that after my move, I would start a business that would cater to the same community I support. Wild West Gun Gear was created for that purpose.

I hope that you choose to shop with us, and if you have any questions about the products we carry, or if you need something special ordered, please feel free to contact us via our “Contact” page.